Markets and areas of action

We lead in multiple key markets. From cutting-edge airports to sustainable water and energy solutions, we are shaping a smarter, more connected future.


This area is the backbone of all phases of both civil works and construction, as well as the development of all types of technical studies in the above fields. For this purpose, VIARIUM has implemented...


Innovative infrastructures for safe and efficient transportation. Global solutions for each mode of transport.


Innovative and functional architectural design. Solutions that transform urban and rural environments.

Energy & Sustainability

Development of renewable energy and environmental solutions. Committed to a cleaner future.


Responsible and sustainable water solutions. From evaluation to design, focused on the water cycle.

Cities & Mobility

Sustainable urban planning and efficient mobility. Improving the quality of life in urban environments.

Technology and R&D

Technological innovation for a smarter, more sustainable world. Leading the way in research and development.