Mobility and urban engineering

In a world in constant growth, where cities are the protagonists of social and economic development, the demands of urban and interurban mobility are evolving at an accelerated pace. At Viarium, we understand the imperative need for efficient and sustainable mobility to build livable and vibrant cities.

We stand out for adopting advanced technologies and management paradigms (Smart Mobility) to transform urban mobility. By integrating transportation engineering and systems, we aim to redefine the supply and demand of mobility, seeking intelligent and sustainable solutions.

Viarium's focus is on the study and implementation of technology to improve sustainable urban mobility. We collaborate with communities on diverse mobility re-planning schemes, maximizing transportation efficiency and promoting effective and environmentally friendly modes of travel.

Viarium's vision covers the entire life cycle of transportation projects, from engineering and consulting to technology and management solutions. We promote the integration of mobility management processes through an IoT (Internet of Things) platform, providing a differential value in speed, security and quality.

Viarium understands that intelligent solutions, such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), are fundamental to optimize transportation planning and management. We offer efficient support for citizens and public institutions, promoting sustainable and safe mobility.

In this way, we advance towards intelligent and sustainable mobility, integrating ITS strategies with the global vision of transportation, city and economy. Our commitment is to transform mobility, providing innovative solutions that drive progress and quality of life in the cities of the future.