Airport engineering and management

Viarium is proud to offer a complete and specialized airport management service that covers several areas and provides comprehensive and high value-added solutions to our clients' needs.

We are an airport engineering and services company based on extensive experience and knowledge in the airport infrastructure sector. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide them with customized solutions that optimize their airport operations.

Within Viarium's organizational structure, it is configured as a key pillar of our activity, being Viarium one of the reference companies. That is why it is articulated as a specific area in coordination with the rest.
It encompasses the planning, design, development and management of Airport and Air Navigation Infrastructures. We develop engineering and consulting services throughout the entire life cycle of an airport infrastructure (airports and air navigation aids). The technical team is made up of aeronautical engineers, as well as engineers from other specialties, all of them highly qualified and experienced in Airport Engineering. We have 20 offices located in different airports in Spain. In general terms, the portfolio of services offered by VIARIUM is as follows:

  • Airport planning and strategic consulting
  • Design and drafting of projects
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision.
  • Certification process management
  • Engineering specialized in airport installations (walkways, baggage handling...)
  • Management of airport infrastructures and airport processes.

Airport planning and strategic consulting

Among the main aspects of our airport management service are:

At Viarium, we understand the importance of effective airport planning and airport consulting for the long-term success of our clients. Our team of experts in the aviation sector not only focuses on present needs but also considers future trends and challenges to develop lasting and effective solutions.

Using innovative approaches and methodologies, we thoroughly analyze every aspect of our clients' airport operations. This includes infrastructure design and optimization of operational processes to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the passenger experience.

Furthermore, we provide strategic advice based on deep industry knowledge and best practices. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and challenges and create customized solutions aligned with their strategic vision.

Whether our clients are looking to expand their operations, improve the capacity of their airports, or implement innovative technologies, we are here to provide the necessary support. Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach enables us to address each project with precision and efficiency, ensuring successful and sustainable results.

Design and drafting of projects

Our team of engineers and architects has extensive experience in the design and drafting of airport projects, allowing us to approach projects of any scale with confidence and success. We are dedicated to developing innovative and functional designs that meet the industry's most demanding standards of quality and safety.

From small renovations and improvements to existing facilities to the complete construction of new airports, our team ensures the optimization of available resources and the satisfaction of our clients at every stage of the project.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, objectives, and vision. From there, we apply our knowledge and expertise to design customized solutions tailored to each project.

At Viarium, we are committed to excellence in the design and drafting of airport projects. You can trust our highly qualified team to carry out your project successfully, optimizing resources and meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Project Management and Work Supervision

At Viarium, we are proud to offer comprehensive engineering services and airport management services that cover all stages of infrastructure construction projects and ensure successful outcomes. Our approach to airport services is based on excellence in planning, design, construction, and commissioning.

Through this area, Viarium manages the different phases of infrastructure design and construction, as well as technical, economic, risk prevention, and environmental control and monitoring.
We aim to achieve high levels of quality in infrastructure execution under rigorous planning control and within the established budget framework. We facilitate efficient communication among all stakeholders involved in the project, identify risks and define mitigation measures, manage interferences between actions, deliver high-quality products on time and within budget, and maintain a strong commitment to the environment.

Our team of experts in airport projects is highly skilled and has extensive experience in the field. We take responsibility for coordinating all project stages, from initial planning to final delivery, ensuring that the project is executed efficiently and within established timelines.

Certification process management

At Viarium, we understand the importance of and within this realm, y dentro de esta cobra una especial relevancia la gestión de la the management of Operational Safety and Airport Certification holds particular significance. Our highly specialized team possesses extensive experience in this field, which we put at the service of airport operators.

In the international context, following the criteria of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), certification is established as a prerequisite for the authorization of aircraft operations at an airport. Thus, airport certification is the means by which the airport operator ensures, through a reference framework, compliance with the operational safety standards required for international civil aviation. Furthermore, in a context of increasing airport privatization, certification achieves process standardization, which also guarantees the safety of operations.

Within this scope, we have extensive experience in the certification processes for Aerodromes and Heliports in their various phases, as well as in the development of procedures and supervision for maintaining Certification at airports where it is in force. We also have experience as an Airport Operator in dealing with the Regulatory Authority.

Specialized Airport Facilities Engineering

We have a team of highly specialized engineers in airport engineeringencompassing the design and installation of specific airport infrastructure crucial for airport operations. These include Air Navigation Facilities, Baggage Handling Systems, Boarding Bridges, Airport Security and Control Systems, Command and Display Systems, among others.

This high level of specialization has become one of Viarium's hallmarks and thanks to our experience in the airport engineeringwe can provide innovative and efficient technical solutions that meet the industry's highest standards of quality and safety.

Airport Infrastructure and Airport Process Management

At Viarium, we are experts in the comprehensive management of airport infrastructure and processes in Spain. Our highly trained team is responsible for the supervision, operation, and maintenance of airport infrastructure, ensuring its proper functioning and optimization at all times.

We are dedicated to continuously improving airport processes by implementing technological solutions and efficient strategies that streamline and optimize airport operations. Our focus is on enhancing the passenger experience and ensuring maximum efficiency in airport management.

Our goal is to provide excellent airport management services, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. Trust our team of experts to deliver innovative and efficient solutions that drive the success and effectiveness of airport operations in Spain.

Viarium handles the technical and economic management of infrastructure and associated processes throughout their lifecycle to maintain them at optimal quality standards. We cover all the needs of operators and managers.

We achieve this by combining our expertise in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facility management, and asset optimization with our global experience in project management, supervision, operation, and financing.