Engineering Design Solutions

What makes us the premier design firm in the airport market in Spain? The answer comes in one all-encompassing word: Flexibility.

Flexibility is what allows us to meet the requirements of diverse projects and respond to the needs of different individuals. Adaptability is what allows us to innovate and adapt wherever we are in the world. Versatility is also how we always manage to reconcile cost-effectiveness with great quality. 

Our extensive range of engineering and design services plays a great role in enhancing this flexibility as well. 

Viarium's engineering services encompass infrastructure, transportation and process engineering, along with a range of complementary engineering services. These include civil engineering, architecture, water engineering, energy and MEP as well as sustainable infrastructure, mobility and environmental design along with new management systems and technology systems. 

Our design services, on the other hand, cover Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED), Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Basis of Design Reports (BODRs), Schematic Design, Design Development, Detailed Design and Design Optimization.